Tuesday, 31 December 2013

31 DEC 2013

Last day of 2013, I have been go through a lot of things within this year especially the relationship.
Understand what is the meaning of sad song, emo song;
the meaning of lyrics

A strong relationship never influence by others, it need corporation by two people. It cant be one keep giving and another keep received. It must be balance sometimes.

Dont try against your heart, you will be suffer, other too!

Listen to your heart

Friday, 31 May 2013

The day never be fade

Some of the thing you will never know is it suitable, true or false until the right time that will tell. Time can let us digest the whole thing how it's happen , how it's progress and clarify out all the thing.
Probably we already know what we really want inside deep heart. You know the answer but we try to escape because we scare our choices or any decision we make will be wrong and cause some consequences. Some people said there have no bad thing, changes is from good become best. Maybe it was right, changes is good but courage is needed.

Initially, the decision is likely made by impulsive or emotional. And it will cause you step wrong path. So just try to let ourself clam down and think twicely before make it. 
I m thinking how come man and women are so diffreent when handle so called emotional stuff. For example, when men face some problem but the problem will not affect them, I means they can separate the feeling in different situation. They will put aside the thing that cause them emo and focus on other thing. But for women,it is reverse. If something cause women emo, they just indulge in emo state no matter what happen, and keep thinking the thing until it is solved.

Let it go , this three words look so simple but it is too hard take it in action. When we always say this, actually the thing is we most care about. If we don't care, we will never say it out. We afraid mistake, we afraid sad, we afraid alone. Guessing is the worst thing in life, when we don't know the truth so we will keep imagine what is going on. Imagination can be powerful, but also can be horrible. So don't try to imagine, just ask for it.

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